Partial List of Existing Features:


  • Contact Management: Names & Addresses for People, Households, Organizations
  • Names and addresses, telephones, emails
  • Organizational affiliations and roles
  • Interpersonal Relationships (friends, parents, siblings, grandparents etc.)
  • Communications, notes, tasks, attributes
  • Emergency contacts, medical, biographical
  • Individual or bulk emails and postal mailings
  • Cluster Mapping of households
  • Telephone-book / Directory reports
  • Generating emails and printed letters
  • Attachments (attach PDF reports or other documents to an individual record)
  • Incident Reports (logging and reporting medical/behavioral/safety incidents)
  • Images (attach photographs to individuals)
  • User Management

Programs & Academics

  • Academic Terms / Semesters
  • Enrollment (pipeline from interested, applied, offered, enrolled, withdrawn)
  • Programs & Classes (dates, times, locations)
  • Registration (pipeline from interest, applied, offere, registered, wait list etc)
  • Enrollment & Registration checklist: paperwork, phone calls, interviews
  • Registration communications (confirmation emails with paperwork status & financial status)
  • Attendance (daily attendance log, hourly time records, attendance reports)
  • Academic Blocks (subjects, block teachers, evaluation rubrics)
  • Evaluation (teacher's narrative and quantitative evaluations)
  • Narrative Student Reports
  • Academic Transcripts with credits & GPA
  • Teacher Portal: Web browser access to registration rosters, attendance, incident reports, daily plans and notes, and block evaluations

Financial Systems

  • Tuition & Fees for Program Registration
  • Cash and in-Kind Donations & Payments
  • Bank Deposits
  • Generating financial statements for individuals and households
  • Household Fundraising management: Annual giving totals, Relationship management, appeals, funding reports
  • Payment Plans / Scheduled future payments
  • Institutional Fundraising / Grants / Pledges / Decisions
  • Employee Contracts
  • Employee Payroll

Assets, Products, Sales, Packing Lists

  • Assets & Depreciation Schedules
  • Product Inventory
  • Sales Invoices
  • Packing Lists

Schedule for new features:

January 2016

  • Receive Online Credit Card Payments
  • Audits: Audit contact records for duplicates, deceased, bad addresses etc.
  • Publish programs & events to website
  • Retrieve online registrations from website
  • Retrieve online parent/student feedback from website