Lost Coast Journey!

Meadowbrook Waldorf School

Strikingly beautiful and accessible only by foot, the Lost Coast of Northern California is the chain of rugged mountains thrusting right out of the Pacific. Extending 60 miles along the coast, this mountain chain is home of the elk herd, majestic redwoods, oaks and Douglas fir, multitude of wild flowers and abundant sea life. The narrow footpaths lead along ridges, crossing crystal clear mountain streams and descending to black sand coves, framed by rugged cliffs. The crash of the waves, ocean spray, cries of the sea birds and spectacular vistas make for an unforgettable nature experience. Students practice challenging mountain navigation, sea fishing and carving redwood spoons. At the end of the full day of backpacking we are rewarded by refreshing bath in the stream, running barefoot on the beach and, if we are lucky, close encounters with the elk.We begin in Mendocino County at Frey Family Ranch and vineyard, famous for its biodynamic wine. Situated in the magical valley amongst the redwood groves and mineral springs, Frey Ranch is home to multigenerational community of people working the land and striving to live together with meaning and joy. Here we will experience beautiful hand made dwellings, gardens, and farm animals. We will participate in all activities of the farm, from milking, cheese, butter and yogurt making, walking the goats and working in the gardens, while preparing food and equipment for our expedition. From here we embark on a scenic two-hour drive to the Lost Coast.
Apr 25 - May 3 2017
Boys Girls
Ken, Judie, Hanah, Robin, Luke, Isabel

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